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Making the world more beautiful one Instagram pic at a time

In the last 72hours, approximately, I have become wildly addicted to Instagram.

It’s a blissful obsession.

I never thought a pic app could be so powerful and produce such wonderful, professional quality images. Besides the filter options, I love that there is a social component to the app, so you can easily share and view pictures by others.

It reminds me of the Forbes article “Why Fashion Bloggers Are Flocking to Instagram” I read earlier this year. I know completely understand why this tool is so sought after.

I’ve been snapping/filtering away, and I want to share some of my favs with you. Scroll over each to see the name of my mini masterpieces.

If you like what you see and know what’s good for ya, find me on Instagram — my username is AnneMarieDC!

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