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Rock on, Austin… a city of fun, love, and music

I really can’t shut up about Austin.

I do love to brag. But really it’s that I want to share with everyone what a wonderful place it is.

Austin is one of those places I’ve been dying to go to for the last 8 years (jeez, now I sound old). Honestly, I don’t know what took me so long. My time there gave me flashbacks at a point in college when I insisted I wanted to be a hippie nomad who just did art and wandered the world. Clearly, that didn’t happened but it was fun to be free-spirited for five days and just lay in the grass and listen to music.

This trip happened at an interesting point in my life. I’m going through some personal stuff and my heart hurts. The music was truly healing, as was being with my friends. I also randomly met a fella who is in a related field (advertising) and he was a wealth of knowledge about the industry and gave great recommendations about design schools. I can’t help but believe it was fate.

While I was there I took pictures incessantly on my iPhone. I felt inspired and clearly I found a nice photography groove… Enjoy

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Typeface Tuesdays: knitted type installation

Hey ya’ll. Guess who just got back from Austin. Yours truly.

It was a great trip filled with friends (old & new), non-stop music, being one with the outdoors, delish eats, and just lots of good ol’ southern fun. We went to all three days of Austin City Limits (ACL) music festival which seriously rocked out for its 10th anniversary. And, we hit up two afterparties: Empire of the Sun & Foster the People DJ Set.

My ears are so happy.

My favorites were: Twin Shadow, Empire of the Sun, My Morning Jacket, Kanye West, Cut Copy, Ray LaMontagne, Mayor Hawthorne, Cold War Kids, and Foster the People. Glad I saw Arcade Fire but doesn’t make the top fav list for me.

So, let’s talk type. I found these colorful, knitted letters at ACL. They stand about 6 feet tall, and besides being a beautiful type installation, they are also functional. The little kiddies of ACL loved to rough house all over them. As you can see in this particular shot the little girl sitting is trying to slack the boy who is climbing. Something never change, right? Ha.

Mostly I love the concept and I think the patterns are pretty stunning in that granny-handywork-kind-of-way. The message is straight to the point: ART. Enough said!!

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