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Typeface Tuesdays (a day late): Hand-cut alphabet

Design-loving dudes and dudettes!

Major fail for missing my favorite part of Tuesday… Let’s just say it was such a long day, I actually never got around to it (okay, I’ll admit, I was busy cutting silver spandex for my Halloween costume). Luckily, on my blog typefaces are appreciated any day of the week

Like any true crafty bastard, I appreciate a good hand-cut letter. I like the jagged edges and asymmetry. I like the realness of it. So much of what we see in graphic design today is generated solely by the computer and is at risk of, or already has, lost its character. It’s just another default font that looks like all the rest. Some of this is okay but my opinion is we are inundated by it. So, I thoroughly appreciate when designs effectively incorporate hand work — or at least work that looks hand done. I like seeing fine art (drawing, collage, photography, etc.) used for a commercial purpose.

Nate Duval’s alphabet below is a great example. He did a nice job of simplifying their shape — reminding the viewer that the letterforms are quite simply a collection of angular and curved lines. The ‘E’ and ‘G’ are tricky — they are kind of disguised but obviously work when in the context of the others.


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