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Just do it, the results will be beatuiful!

This post is about having a no excuses approach to doing what you love. Following your PASSION. Listening to your INNER VOICE. Each and everyday.

Some people are great at this while others aren’t as disciplined or have other factors holding them back. I know I have a relentless ‘go big or go home’ mentality so something its hard for me to take just a little step…I want to leap!

This is not the case for my new art friend, Andrew. Andrew the Artist, as I call him. His artist tag is SAME. In fact, I don’t even know his full name, but what does it matter really? What I do know, is that he’s very passionate and dedicated to his craft, and he makes the time to go big. And, I admire that.

After I practically interrogated him about his art on the second occasion we met, he invited me to come check out his art-ASTIC apartment. And, below are some of the photos I captured after a number of cocktails last Friday.

Andrew has only been painting for the past few years, it’s a hobby he picked up and it really took off. Clearly, he is prolific….his entire apartment is almost covered! He likes to use found or cheap materials, like ply wood, old doors, and leaves from his banana tree. As for medium, he uses a variety of acrylic and spray paint. Lots of spray paint. I love his use of colors, patterns, and all the experimentation. My favorite pieces are the (#1) the banana leaves sculpture, (#5) the red double doors with poppies, (#6) the series of abstract, pastel paintings. Andrew is selling his pieces, so if you want the details on how to contact him, let me know!

Andrew is a lesson to any artist who has trouble getting started. Enough with the excuses…I am too busy, materials are to expensive, yadda yadda.

Get over yourself and JUST DO IT. The results will be beautiful.

(Guess what, I’m actually taking my own advice, and started painting a little again with my friend Oliver.)








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