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Typeface Tuesdays: Art deco type

Happy Tuesday. This post is dedicated to one of my homes away from home — MIAMI!

I just got back from a wonderful trip there to celebrate the long weekend. We seriously did it right (thanks to our hostess, Billie)… stayed at the Raleigh right on south beach, hit up the pool and beach, strolled Lincoln Rd, went to a hipster pool party at Dream hotel, dined at Sugarcane and the Soho House, and went dancing at Bardot and Purdy. Besides all of the great memories, I’ve now got a little sunglasses tan as a souvenir…it’s pretty funny. I will have some pics from the trip to share with you in just a bit.

So from a design perspective, I was inspired by Miami’s Art Deco District, which has a bevy of pastel hotels with all the characteristics of this 1960s style (resurgence date – first appeared in Paris in the 1920s). Art Deco is an ornamental style, which is part of the reaction to the forced austerity caused by World War I. In particular, all of the hotels are plastered with their name written in traditional art deco style types, as shown below for example. What’s interesting about this type is that it has many distinctive styles, but all of the following attributes remain consistent:

  • symmetrical (based on mathematical geometric shapes)
  • suitable for modern contexts
  • ornamental and lavish


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