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Typeface Tuesdays: Temporary Type Tats

Getting this post up (almost) just in time! Pardon my tardiness, got a little distracted by DC’s 5.8 earthquake #whattheheck

So, yah, in more positive news, I’ve also given my blog a little face lift with a new theme (Nuetra). I wanted a style that’s cleaner (embracing the white space) and more minimal but still with a punch of color. Hope you approve….well, actually, I approve so that’s all that matters…sorry…I am a sassy Scorpio.

And now back to the main show…

I am hooked on Swiss Miss’s blog and am now a regular follower. Her design work and observations/finds are darn right dope. This lady is a true inspiration, as many peeps across the globe agree according to her blog stats.

So Swiss Miss, among her many endeavors, started a temporary tattoo site – Tattly. It’s clever, fun, and I pretty much want them all. I want to cover my whole body! And then when I freak out that they aren’t my style any more, I can just wipe ’em away.

In honor of Typeface Tuesday, I’ve pulled a few type tats from the site. I’ve got to say, I really love the idea of typography on one’s body if done well, as these are. Temporarily that is.

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