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Tunes I’m digging now, cd art impressions

As I mentioned in my first post, I’m of the notion that life should have a constant soundtrack. Even though I’m a seriously visual person and admittedly not the best listener at times, music makes my world a better place. Plus, I’ve come to realize that it’s the beat which really drives me, although obviously lyrics count too. Good music (according to my taste obviously) makes my heart sing, so to speak. It influences my mood and energy level. I find mornings that I start my days with music my mood is far better (not a morning person, total night owl) and I find the chaos of the day much more tolerable. I love my tunes while going on long runs, cooking, commuting around town, nights out, and OF COURSE while designing.

So here are some picks from my recent mixes (much thanks to my friends here and in NYC and Miami who know what’s up).

Adele – Rolling in the deep remix

Flight Facilities – Crave you feat. Giselle (fyi: borderline pointless music video)

Bag Raiders – Sunlight

Yelle – A Cause Des Garcons

Treasure Fingers – Cross the Dance Floor (terrific label and website)

Cut Copy’s new album “Zonoscope”- check out this remix and Pitchfork’s review

Paul Simon’s new album “So Beautiful or So What” – not at Graceland’s level but nonetheless good stuff

To add a design perspective, I’m also going to analyze some of the accompanying CD cover art (we just finished up a project on designing CD covers in school). More to come…

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