They Don’t Call Me Jazzy For Nothing

My love for all things design-based and artsy began at a very early age. As a kid I pined for art class, and stayed late for after school art lessons in which, oddly enough, I had an utter fascination for the laminator and how perfectly polished it made all my collages look (my parents received a lot of handmade placemats over the years). I have fond memories of coloring, finger painting and glitter, face painting (forcing my younger brother to be my model), writing and illustrating books, putting on plays, and, last but absolutely not least, dressing up–those magical moments when my mom would actually permit me to wear make up and lend me all her old glamorous garb.

Over the years I would find ways to turn any situation into an art experiment–visiting my mom and dad at their offices meant oodles of time doing photocopier art (serious nerd alert). In college, I minored in fine art and regularly painted, and spent weekends checking out museums, gallery openings, or flea markets. Even now, I try to challenge myself everyday to see opportunities for creating design in ways that others might not, and using every holiday and occasion (birthdays, retirements, or marriages) as a chance for me to celebrate my creative ways.

So there it began and continues except now there’s a little less face paint. Today, I’m on a journey to fulfill my creative passions as I attend MICA in Baltimore for a one-year graphic design program with the goal of making design a lifestyle and not just a hobby. As I start this next chapter, my hope is that this blog will continue to serve as a key outlet to share my insights and inspirations, as well as connect me with others who are like-minded.

PS – And those dimples. You can’t deny the beauty in that.

Photo credit: Michael Dumlao, DC-based Designer and Photographer, http://www.michaeldumlao.com


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