Typeface Tuesdays: Type Connection

Oh do I have a treat for you on this rainy Tuesday!

It’s only two words but a whole lot of type fun — Type Connection.

Basically, this site is a typographic dating game, which means you match typefaces much like you would match two people looking for love. This site is really clever, well constructed site which is clearly founded on a lot of thorough research and typographic expertise. Aura Seltzer, the MICA MFA graphic design graduate who is the brainchild behind this project, knows how to add a dose of humor to make type matching easy and fun. Case in point: Adobe Garamond Pro describes himself as “A modern-day, high renaissance man.”

Hmmm, he might be my type.

Ok, take a peak at the game below… as you can see when you scroll over a type character it changes to green and presents a description. Double click on the character and it takes you another screen where you can choose its match.

Once you’re sick of type matching, or if you just want to get the low down on the best typeface matches from the getgo (aka “you’re tired of being played”), check out the Meet the Matches tab…

Happy playing and remember to keep an open mind when it comes to matching.

And take some time to check out more of Aura’s awesome work, and follow Type Connection at @typeconnection.

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