Typeface Tuesdays: Typographic Maps

Hello. Is it summer yet? This weather is freaking killing me. 57 degrees? Grrrr

Let’s brighten our day and get our type talk on. Oh yeah.

Over the weekend, I was introduced to a wonderful, type-based take on the DC map. I hadn’t seen anything quite like it before. But you better like Helvetica (or at least not detest it) because it’s more than a healthy dose of this acclaimed typeface.

When I did some further research on typographic maps I discovered there are actually a slew of variations, and among them I reallyyy love this one….

Oh, and until next time…enjoy this blingin’ URL (yes, I’m easily amused)http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/blogs/tmagazine/images/NYT-Confetti2.gif

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4 thoughts on “Typeface Tuesdays: Typographic Maps

    • amjazzy says:

      @tom Thanks for the post. I reallllyyyyy like Matt Cusick’s paintings. The detail and thought put into them is incredible. You have a knack at stumbling upon great artists/designers…keep it coming 🙂

  1. LOVE the DC typography map!! thanks for sharing AM!

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