Typeface Tuesdays: Combining type

Something that always puts me in a good mood is a cup of tea. Earl Grey. Mint. Green. You name it (except the kind that helps with “cleansing”…I stay away from that!)

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a brand of tea I had never heard of before–Paromi tea. Now this tea doesn’t only taste authenically good, but also looks great. This isn’t your granny’s favorite Twinings (which I’ve been bred to love but have drifted from)…this is a burst of flavor and color, and some healthy antioxidants to boot.

The packaging, right down to the tea bag itself, is unlike anything I’ve seen out there for this kind of product. One element that really stood out to me was the type…the designer did a really nice job of combining multiple fonts across categories. There is a very distinctive script and sans serif in the branding, and then the rest of the packaging showcases a serif and another script-y font. Technically speaking, if we were to follow “the rules” this is really too many fonts, but rules can be boringggg and I must say here it works as it was done thoughtfully and with good craftsmanship. Besides that, I enjoy the color coding that was implemented across the package where each container/flavor has a unique palette. One thing, for the sake of design, is I wish they had the little tea string and label, but from a practically and economical standpoint it’s not really necessary…I like my tea bag to sit in the cup the whole time I drink it anyway, don’t want to waste one bit of flavor!

Bottoms up.

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4 thoughts on “Typeface Tuesdays: Combining type

  1. Lyuba says:

    Thank you so much for your review. It’s really nice to get compliments on the things we do from design pros. l’ve shared your post on our Facebook page.

  2. robnicoletti says:

    Thanks for the feedback on the design. Enjoy the tea.

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