Typeface Tuesdays: Happy place

Everybody has a happy place. One of mine is traveling (not enroute but once at my destination). Another is the minute anything chocolate hits my lips. Blissful.

While in Miami this past weekend, my friend B, shared these type-tastic pictures she took while at an art event at Rubell’s warehouse-style gallery. It’s interesting how with this light installation the red electrical wires are actually part of the art itself, twisted into one another and drapping on the ground. I dig how choatic this peice is…it’s a little like my brain at many moments…very unlinear.


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One thought on “Typeface Tuesdays: Happy place

  1. “Typeface Tuesdays: Happy place | amdesignperspectives” seriously
    causes me personally ponder a little bit further.

    I personally adored every particular portion of this blog post.
    Thanks for your time ,Tera

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