Peeps Fail

I am still a little bitter about my peeps fail last year…because well, I should have been a semi-finalist!!!

Let me take you back…you see, every year the Washington Post puts on a Peeps Contest. Yes, by peeps I mean those little sugary bunny candies that people either love or hate. I happen to hate them, so what better use than to turn them into props for a story? Once I decided I was in, I was IN. I made some sketches, gathered supplies, and then had at it. This was a HUGE undertaking which I didn’t realize until I began designing…and hardcore peeps contesters start planning and designing months in advance. Check out last year’s winner.

My theme was Peepswan–A tail or a paranoid peeperina. A solid concept, but how would I go about executing something that could be captured in a couple of pictures? This is where I think I miss-stepped…my stage was too big length and height-wise and it was hard to see the audience in all their glory. Plus I picked the scene where she transforms into the blackswan on stage but I am not sure that is easily conveyed. The stage was built on top of a large shoe box which I stuffed with holiday lights, so the stage would really light up. Then I did three layers of curtains made of tissue paper, which were attached with thin wooden rods, and really came out beautifully. I even hand cut the little paper chandelier hanging above the stage–no cutting corners here! The costumes were made from feathers, tissue paper, and sclupey (a childhood fav).

After one full day of building the stage, I didn’t want to see a gluegun again anytime soon and my house was covered in feathers, ha. I did some final touches and submitted my pictures just in time to meet the deadline…alas, there were about 30 semi-finalists and another Blackswan-themed design beat me NOT because it was better crafted but rather because they included a scene from the movie with a full stage of  dancers so maybe the concept seemed more complete? I will never know, but what I do know is I still love my design.

A close up of Natalie-peep-portman as the black peepswan…

A close up of the peepswan audience…they even have popcorn and playbills!


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