Typeface Tuesday: NYC Love

Who doesn’t love NYC? …Or at least some aspect of it because it really is all things to all people. If you even remotely love the urban scene, you can’t deny this city is amazing. During a speechwriting class I took in college, I gave a speech dedicated to my love for the “big apple” and much of what I explained loving was the endless access to anything and everything…including art. And, you don’t even have to go into a museum to enjoy it.

The Love sculpture by American artist, Robert Indian, started as a Christmas card design for the MOMA in the 1960s. Sometime after that it became…I’m pretty sure world-famous, and though it’s found on the streets of cities other than NYC it started there and will always be a part of this city. What’s interesting about the sculpture’s design is that it is so simply yet so impacful…a slabserif saturated in color and a titled letter “O”…which so beautifully compliments this simple yet impact message of love.


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