Oh la la…offensive Weight Watchers France ads?

Trying to decide my stance on the new Weight Watchers France print ad campaign — Treat Yourself Better. They are clearly visually compelling–and not to mention well-conceptualized and beautifully photographed–but also kind of offensive and kind of narrow-minded (geared toward only very feminine, lipstick-wearing women).

Basically, in an effort to compel the French to use their program and services Weight Watchers did a campaign to modernize the brand. I get the concept behind it and I really like how the ads are simplified to just focusing on the mouth, but the way they are being used is very sexually-charged and here in the states, certainly considered offensive. Also, for women with eating disorders and other eating issues this could be taken the wrong way…almost like they are glorifying the problem. Something all seems in consistent with the message since the two mouths have bad foods (candy, fries) and the other has kale…is this about portion control or the times of foods women eat?

I shared these ads with a friend, and he said it reminded him of the PETA “Go Vegetarian” ad which is just downright obnoxious. This takes playing with your food to a whole other level. Oh please, I am a vegetarian and that is certainly not how I interact with my veggies.

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One thought on “Oh la la…offensive Weight Watchers France ads?

  1. Mindy Leigh says:

    I do think these ads are very eye-catching, and since it is in France they might work there. But in my opinion, this campaign doesn’t do the program any justice. Weight Watchers is supposed to be about women being comfortable with their bodies, and looking at these ads doesn’t even resignate a thought about a healthy body…instead its other things that have nothing to do with weight.

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