Typeface Tuesday: Creativity and Play in Savannah

This past weekend, I visited Savannah for the long weekend. I figured it was time to step away from my Northern scene for a few days, and check out the charms of a smaller city, including things like the Spanish moss and gorgeous, grassy squares, friendly folks all around, and plenty of fried tomatoes Paula Dean-style. It was a fun, relaxing, and inspiring weekend–the best of both worlds.

As such, we had to check out SCAD–how can you not, it’s everywhere in Savannah. Plus, I love art and design…so we visited the SCAD Museum of Art right by the water, the SCAD Store (definitely picked up some goodies–even a funky, retro tie painted with acrylic paint), and the campus itself. While there I spotted the work of some of the graphic design students, and one of the pieces I loved from a typography perspective was Jamie Slater’s Creativity and Play poster. The poster overall is very sophisticated, intricate, and endless amusing to the eye while also being well-organized within the grid. The type he created for it has all the same attributes. Apparently, he designed it by using lots of small dots, and during the process he let himself be comfortable with making mistakes. As some what of a perfectionist when I design, I love this concept of letting oneself let loose and seeing what happens… well, in this case, it worked out marvelously.

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