Typeface Tuesday: What Type Communicates

Happy Vday, everyone. As cheesy as it may sound one of the highlights of my day was when my dad called and exclaimed “HAPPPPYYY VALENTINES DAY SWEETHEART!!” Then he tried to explain how I am one of his top valentines, but ya know, mom comes first…I was like, I get it dad and I lovvvvve you so much too. It just made me beam.

So, I was thinking about type and something related to the holiday and it made me think how type communicates a message all on its own through its distinct characteristics. That’s why it’s so important to match the right type to suit the tone/theme of the message being delivered.

Take the type below, for instance…it’s such a lively and light-hearted cursive which in and of itself delivers a nice warm tone, but then you realize the text relays a different message. Effing? Oh, wait so you aren’t really wishing me a happy valentine’s day? Ha. That is the power of type. It can relay a vibe and meaning just on its own.


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