Typeface Tuesdays: Matteo of Mucca NYC

I was overcome by events yesterday, and wasn’t able to get this post out…

I never knew design could be so funny. That was until I encountered Matteo Bologna–graphic artist, typeface designer (mostly display faces), and owner of Mucca, a branding and design firm in New York–at last Thursday’s AIGADC event with my design buddy, Annie.

With his thick Italian accent and un-ironic moustache, he took us on a journey of how he took the design field by storm as a foreign-national over a decade ago. It was really funny to hear him talk about how he had shed his male Italian mindset towards advertising (e.g. using the female body to sell). Besides being hilarious, it quickly became evident that Matteo and his team are very talented and have influenced a lot well-known brands I was already well familiar with.

“I have a morbid passion for type that no one cares about like I do.”

Balthazzar: Developed the logo and menu design before the restaurant even opened, helping making Balthazzar’s reputation what it is today

Sant Ambroeus Restaurant: Developed the new identity for this 1930s restaurant, by updating the “weird” type, creating a secondary typeface, and adding a religious look and feel

BrooklynFare: Developed the brand identity for this local Brooklyn-based grocery store, and of course humor was involved…check out this video ad…http://vimeo.com/5187993

And last but certainly not least… I will end with my favorite…

Schiller’s Liquor Bar: Developed an identity that was supposed to look “undesigned” which was applied to the bar front, menus (inspired by hole-in-the-wall Italian joints where the chef would handwrite the menu), and even the wine bottles.

According to Mr. Mucca, the trick to designing a typeface like this is to create 3 variations for each letter because then it actually appears handwritten. He used Opentype to create it.

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