Typeface Tuesday: The Late Doyald Young

The first time I laid eyes on Doyald in a video last year, I was taken with him and his work. I soon realized there was something extraordinary about this individual. He was a prominent typeface designer with an unmatched passion and love for the written letter. His designs are not only beautifully crafted but all one of a kind creations. He was trained to design by hand only using paper, pencil, and a ruler and he continued in that fashion even as computer design became mainstream, but now a good portion of his work has been turned into commercial fonts. Unfortunately, Doyald passed away last February during a routine surgery, but his legacy has and surely will continue to live on forever.

Haha, I get a kick out of this one…clearly he had a sense of humor too

An image of him in the process of designing…

A collection of his logo designs…

This is interesting…an example of one of his crits of a student’s work

And I just adore his smiling face…what a gem he was


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