Typeface Tuesdays: Typecasting my family

Here we are on a Christmas vacation in the Mountains of Idaho. We decided to get away from the grind of DC and spend a week taking in the cool, fresh mountain air while skiing downhill and cross country, hiking, and snowshoeing. What would make it all the better is if we got a proper snowfall tonight…the slopes are pretty torn up. I’m praying to the snow gods for even just a little white.

I just got off the mountain about an hour and a half ago, and after some stretching and a bubble bath, I’ve perched myself next to the fire to write my latest weekly post. I thought to myself, hmmm, what could be interesting to write about that has to do with type? Type and winter sports? Type in Idaho?

Then it dawned on me, I will talk about type as it relates to my family meaning I will assign a font to each member. This is a particularly fun exercise because we each have very strong, and distinct personalities, which I’ve been reminded of as we spend lots of quality time together during this trip…and lucky only butting heads minimally because there really is so much love among the four of us.

So, here goes…

My dad: He is a Capricorn and he is one of the most strong-willed people I’ve ever met. He is a midwestern guy who values the simple things in life, such as a bowl of vanilla ice cream. But he has an eclectic side that seeks some adventure and can be quite creative.

Font choice is Garamond bold because of its balance and strength. This font, which is fairly nuanced, is highly valued and is well liked.

My mom: She is so sweet, smart, and beautiful. She has an energy that warms others to the core, and she is so very giving. Lets also not forget, she is just so darn glamorous and elegant in all that she does. A truly beauty both inside and out.

Font choice is Fedra Sans because it’s Paris-based (like her), more humanist, and has a natural, informal elegance. It’s larger X-height makes it very appealing and easy to read.

My younger brother: He is a Capricorn too, and a real aggressor. When I think of him I think of strength, physically and mentally. He is also very dynamic and anything he puts his mind to he will accomplish. Business school next? No problem for this jack-of-all trades.

Font choice is Shango Sans because it’s a sturdy, clean, and modern font. It’s undeniable coolness is very appealing and makes it quite versatile.

Me: I’m a real “dynamo” and I particularly provide a lot of energy within our family dynamic. Considering we are all fairly serious, I’m also the most fun and funny in the family. Unlike pops, I lean towards extravagance, and like lots of chocolate toppings on my ice cream…but interestingly, this is changing as I get older.

Font choice is Sugar Pie, a modern font that is bold, lively, and very unique. It’s free flowing with its loops and swashes. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s quite sophisticated.


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