Typeface Tuesdays: Design Miami’s French Inspired Posters

Happy Tuesday… err… Wednesday!

While I was in Miami for Art Basel, I checked out Design Miami which features fairly exotic and artsy furniture and jewelry. It was really quite cool. Among the pieces I observed was an installation by the Wolfsonian at Florida International University on French objects called Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity–the French national motto. The designs, which comprise photos of various French objects sitting on or above a patriotic-inspired stool, “investigate how objects embody the ideas that have defined the French public life for more than two centuries. Featured objects include furniture, industrial design, and other craft by some of the most celebrated French designer of past and present–Roger Tallon, Pierre Paulin, and Philippe Starck.”

I like this project on several levels. First, I like that it’s French-inspired because that’s my heritage and I’m proud. Plus I think the angle that the designers took for this project is really quite interesting and fairly unstudied. People across the world love French products. Why? Second, I like the use of typography in the posters as they become part of the design of the poster and border on being illegible unless you really pause to look. It’s like a fun little puzzle, and who doesn’t love a good challenge?

I don’t recall exactly what the first poster says exactly, but the second reads: French Design Framework. Do you see it? The type itself is a modern, geometric sans serif, probably something they created from scratch so they could easily manipulate and distort the letter sizes and their relationship to one another. As for the objects, the first one is looks like rocks, but obviously it’s not and I didn’t get a chance to inquire–intriguing indeed. The second is a Hermes bag–something I’m far too familiar with! Guilty.

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