Designer Moment: Providing the Client with the Best Solution

Stellar week of design. I really stretched myself and built a lot of confidence. While working on the aforementioned process graphic with Shawn I learned another invaluable lesson…

I submitted the concepts to the client. The client chose the one she liked but thought the yellow and beige were too matchy. When a client has an issue with any aspect of the design, its up to you as the designer to help them arrive to the best solution. With any problem at hand there is generally more than one answer. My first instinct was to go for the first color combination under solutions where I added the red color, but Shawn showed me that we could also introduce a darker version of the yellow and change the color order (what’s nice about this is that it maintains a similar vibe as the original color palette). I actually like both color variations for different reasons, but think the second is a little more lively. I submitted my recommendations and now it’s up to the client!



I’m not at liberty to share the full designs, but if I can at a later point I surely will. They came out great.

Off to play in Austin! Check you guys later.


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