A dose of art to combat a case of the Mondays

Horraaaaay, Tuesday is almost here.

Yes, a weekend overdosing on fun made it much too hard to transition back into the work week. I felt more than the usual Monday sluggishness, making it so hard to get anything done. Like talk blabber on the phone with my boyfriend. Or write furiously punch away at the keyboard to form words for a post. I literally tried to write (furiously punch away) a post on three different occasions and just never found my mojo. I think my (miraculous) morning run expended all of the energy I had for the day.

Somehow I managed to get by. I drank green tea while flipping through design magazines, and then got a special delivery — flowers from this weekend’s guest of honor. Totally brighten the day.

And this below. It brighten my day too. Sculptural shoes by Kobi Levi mentioned by a classmate.

Shoes plus art makes me very, extra happy!

This shoe is great because it looks like a pair of kicks with gum stuck on the bottom, but they are actually stilettos. Hot stilettos. I think they’d be nice for a day and night look, especially with jeans. Just in case you didn’t believe me here’s the studio shot…

And, here are a few other pairs I enjoyed… Banana Slip-Ons, Androgyne, and Maoi…although I am really impressed with them all. SO CREATIVE and SO WELL DESIGNED. The details are amazing; For Maoi the front is an actual paw and there’s even a pink collar.

I wonder, how do they feel on?

Levi’s work reminds me of the Roberto Capucci‘s gorgeous sculptural dresses because of the dedication to detail and high quality. I saw the exhibit Roberto Capucci: Art Into Fashion earlier this year at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. His red dress shown below is one of his most famous, original designs. It has about eight layers (if I’m not mistaken) and is inspired by a flower’s pedals. Such a simple concept. Talk about high fashion meets fine art.

This post makes everything in my world feel right again, and the fact that Tuesday is lurking around the corner.


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