Finding my design hero

THANKGODITSFRIDAY. Mmmm, so nice to start my weekend with a glass of wine, good convo, and groovin’ tunes (Bag Raiders, Metronomy, Tune Yards, and the like) with my college bestie visiting from Miami. I paused all of this goodness so I could do a quick post…. that’s how dedicated I am. At times.

I’ve been thinking about this topic — finding my design hero — since my professor brought it up a week ago. He started class last Saturday with a lecture about the importance of having a hero (or more) who can inspire us as designer so as to find our nitch and master our craft. Although I am still not entirely sure what this really means to me, I really took it took heart, and am inspired to find out. This whole past week I have really uped the ante with my designing, and during the process am trying to zero in on my hero. I think, like I am with mentors, I like to dabble here and there for my needs. Lately, I’ve been going to blogs and pulling out my old Communications Art magazines to look at good design work across the board for inspiration. Sometimes, I get lots of inspiration by visiting museums and talking to other designers. It really all depends.

I know this much…my heros are those designs who confidently break the rules. They mess around with typography like Paula Scher. They are those who like to incorporate their hand, like Carolyn Sewell. They are really passionate like Jessica Hische.

This is definitely a topic I’ll continue to explore and address…

In closing, I found this cracked out wonder woman painting at the coffee shop (Baked & Wired) across the street from school, and although it’s a tad startling (lay off the crack lady) I think an appropriate image. Plus I love the random cupcake floating around behind here, ha….

Cheers to a wonderful weekend, all.


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