Typeface Tuesdays: A big hello to you

I dig today’s featured design in a big way. Between the message and the execution, this type just makes you feel good.

It incorporates typography and graphic design with interior design.

I spotted it in a recent Communications Art magazine featuring well-executed typography. Disclaimer: the first image is a picture of a picture so that’s why it’s such crappy quality. Anyhow, as you can see, the typography consists of assortments of display fonts surrounded by decorative shapes. Apparently it is all done by hand, which makes it even more one-of-a-kind and special, and it has that “crafty bastard” feel I just love. The designer also did the floor and waiting area as you can see in the second picture.

Could you imagine walking into to the office everyday and being greeted by this design? Just lovely and so inspiring! Wish I had more information on the designer who created this to share with you.

Oh man, I really want a wall like this in my home one day. Talking about accent walls… I just love this bold, spray painted move by Jessica Hische.


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