Oy vey, the pains that come along with being a graphic designer

Am I just getting older (well, yes, but hey I’m still in my 20s)…or am I experiencing the inevitable pains of being a graphic designer in the 21st century?

Never in my life has my body ached like this before. My back and bum are sore to the point where its painful to sit after awhile, and my hands feel cramped and sometimes numb and tingly. This is what you experience after hours upon hours sitting at a desk behind a computer. And these days so much more is done on the computer considering all the social media tools available.

This reminds me… at one point in highschool I hurt my tail bone and had to use a butt pillow. I became the “butt” of many jokes at school and quickly decided I rather suck it up as opposed to be made fun of. These days, I don’t give a damn. I already know I’m pretty darn fabulous and that I can rock most accessories well. So I think I might have to find myself another butt cushion, something more fashionable. So I started to do some research and there’s not much out there, but I did find this…which is also suppose to make your butt firmer! Have I just fallen victim to the ploys of infomercials?

As for the back pain, I need to do lots of stretching, and occasional yoga. I’m think it might be a nice opportunity to start doing Pilates to make my core stronger. Having a strong core is essential to good posture (which I need to work on) and less pain. As for my hand pain, ya know they joke about designers saving up money for carpal tunnel surgery. Oh gosh. Again its important to stretch and take lot of breaks. This is also good for staying sane because after hours of staring at a computer screen you can start to get a little nutty, I know I do. This is also why I like to print out my designs every few hours so I can see what it actually looks like, and it helps me catch any glaring errors I might not otherwise see on the screen while also giving your eyes a break.

I am reminding myself as much as anyone else to be cognizant of these healthy tips.

(Side note… since there’s not much out there marketed to graphic designer, this might be a chance for me to put on my entrepreneurial hat and come up with something targeting those in the field. I can’t say anymore as I don’t want to reveal any big ideas.)


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