Typeface Tuesdays: Pablo Medina Has A Way With Type

Don’t fret, Typeface Tuesdays has arrived…

So, I found this type artist I’m digging. Pablo Medina. I stumbled upon him on the AIGA website under the Biography section (pretty nifty section if you haven’t checked it out). I like Pablo because he understands lettering, isn’t afraid to use big scale or daring colors to make a statement, and he’s just got a wonderful creative energy to his work. Also, he’s from New York. BAMMM.

The three posters I showcase below are wonderful representations of successful use of typography… each in their own way. The first just oozes wonderfulness… I love the overlapping treatment of various images and patterns for each letter. The overlapping colors create new colors and my eyes just keep exploring it trying to discover. It’s brilliant how the letters are broken up on different lines but you can still read it as one word. It’s dynamic and has great energy. One thing though is I can’t quite figure out the imagery for the letter D. Bongos and guns?

Next is his own promo poster. The use of the type to make up the Cuban flag is clever. And if you look closer you see the words are all about Pablo… some you can read while others that are more built up just appear as a texture. It’s not easy to do this kind of design treatment successful and Pablo sure makes it look easy.

The last poster is to advertise a design event and I like how it makes a statement. You’re drawn in by the large-scale lettering and the bright background. It’s a pretty simple layout that makes a big impact, and really entices the viewer in. I also like that it says “off da hook” … nobody says that anymore, it’s time to bring it back.

Pablo also created some sweet skateboard designs for Zoo York…among other things…that you can check out on his design website, Cubanica.


One thought on “Typeface Tuesdays: Pablo Medina Has A Way With Type

  1. tom says:

    Isn’t it BOOM!?

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