Typeface Tuesdays: 3D letters in Diesel’s storefront

Now here’s some type you can’t miss as a passerby. Diesel clearly wants you to know there’s a sale and you should come shopping. They even built you some 3D letters to say so.

In these economic times in a conservative town like DC, I don’t predict Diesel’s sale items will go flying off the shelves. Speaking of purchases, I have a fond memory of temporarily neglecting my “DC-esque style” in college and buying two  tops from Diesel’s Miami store — one was a tank top made of grey sweatshirt material that was bedazzled like this with the word fierce or something, and the other was a floral pattern blousey thing that barely covered me and was kind of see through. Diesel wanted me to look “sexy-trendy” and attract more men so I’d continue to shop at their store. Well, that was the beginning and end. I also got over that damn bangs-are-totally-back-in phase. Yick.

Okay, so less about my wardrobe mishaps and more about the typeface at hand. I think these letters work well for Diesel’s vibe since it’s more industrial and rugged. The letters are bare wood and you can even see the red lines where they were cut out, which I dig. They used a serif that doesn’t have feet on all the letters (A and L), making me wonder if the artist mashed up to a serif and sans serif font… that’s an intriguing concept. These letters are so big that if you put a little cushion on top they could probably double as chairs. Either way, Diesel effectively put together an eye-grabbing display.


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