Typeface Tuesdays: RPS’s frail and provocative letters

Hey friends. I’m back. I was on a little hiatus.

In part, I was suffering from what my friend coined as “summer brains” … you know the feeling where you try to do actual productive things and all you can think is omg-it’s-summer-and-it’s-so-nice-outside-so-I-must-go-play-and-drink-with-my-friends. Believe it or not, but according to a news reporter on TV yesterday, summer is already half way through. Alas, I will have to cleverly work around my mushy brain moments I fall victim to in the summertime.

Alright so I know you aren’t reading this to hear me ramble…

Today for Typeface Tuesdays I present you with one of my boyfriend’s t-shirts with very unique typeface. The minute I laid eyes on it I knew it would make its way into the blog. He explained to me it’s an old music record label named Rock Paper Scissors, if I’m not mistaken.

See, Tooooom, I do listen to you.

Well, I know nothing about the company but based on the type they used in their logo, which is shaped like superman’s iconic emblem, they clearly support alternative music. Nothing about the letters says mainstream to me but then again they could speak to a trend I’m not aware of. The shape of the letters tell me its suppose to look humanist and edgy, like someone (perhaps under the age of 8) took a pair of scissors and, with intent, haphazardly cut out R, P, and S. The letters which are thin and frail have great movement, and I particularly like the playful, pointy ends…and the unexpected point in the R’s stem.


One thought on “Typeface Tuesdays: RPS’s frail and provocative letters

  1. tesaunders says:

    I should not have relied on Dyer’s explanation of the shirt. A little google work reveals this shirt is actual for Record Plant Studios. Sorry about that, but thanks for listening.


    Great blog, by the way

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