Typeface Tuesdays: An intricate wine label

Cool, interesting type can be found anywhere. I found this one at Whole Foods, one of my homes away from home. Seriously I’ve become such a food snob. And, the more I cook the more it becomes the case. This is okay, it does the body good.

This wine was one of the specials they had on the floor so it immediately caught my eye. The intricately illustrated T is super neat. There’s a lot going on there but since the letter T is the main focus I think it works. The angular lines on top look kind of art deco, then there’s a slithering snake wrapped around the T’s body. The skulls hanging out at the bottom are a funky, less expected touch. Since the colors are friendly it makes the whole design appear less dark and more light-hearted. Clearly, this is a modern take on tarot card designs.

Now, equally important I wonder how the bottle’s contents taste. No uptight, dry reds for this gal… something light and fruity hits the spot for me. A screw top. Now that’s my jam…Get in there faster and easier to save for later, if there’s the need for that!


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