Signature Theatre posters for Sunset Boulevard

Here’s another project to share with ya’ll. The assignment was to design poster ads for three performances for the current season at Signature Theatre in Arlington, VA. Among the performances, the first I chose was Sunset Boulevard, the classic 1950s romantic tragedy about the price of frame in old Hollywood. The heroine is Norma Desmond, the delusional former silent movie queen.

My research involved watching the movie (for the first time), which I thoroughly enjoyed. Something about black and white flicks makes them feel particularly special. And, its always an accomplishment when I can successfully sit throw a movie without talking the ear off of my company, falling asleep, or getting bored. One of my favorite quotes is “It’s not me, it’s the movies that got small.”

My visual interpretation of Sunset Boulevard involved Norma Desmond’s distinct features… her wild mane, her crazy eyes, and her creepy hands adorned with an old fashioned cigarette holder made into a ring. After all, I decided to focus on her distinct facial features.

I came up with three poster versions, and will begin with the one I like best and go from there… I love this one because the layout speaks to how Norma unravels by the end of the play. Interestingly, it was the last one I designed…its great when those last minute creative instincts kick in. Enjoy…


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