Hello summer, great to see you

Summer’s here. Don’t you love it?

I could feel the sweltering heat and humidity here in DC today, and knew summer had arrived! Amazingggg, except now we’ve got to prepare for the absurdly hot, sweaty summers this town gets. The best cure for that — beach and pool time. And ice-cold cocktails. I know this summer is going to be one of the best. How could it not? It’s summer, I’m in school doing what I really enjoy, I have many people in my life I love so dearly, and there are some great adventures to be had over the next few months.

Except this summer is a little different for me. I’ve got double commitments to manage with my school and work combo. It’s not a bad thing, it just means I’ve got to keep up the balancing act and not taking on too much extra stuff. I need to stay focused and motivated. I’ve got a great class at school that I know will continue to push and inspire me, and I’ve already developed some mentors. One thing I need to keep top of mind is that part of being in school for me means learning outside of the classroom to further enhance my experience… attending industry events to network, looking at other designers’ work, following design blogs, sketching, reading, talking about design through my blog, and doing my own side projects. End goal is to have a terrific portfolio of work, and to be confident in my own creative process and new-found skill set.

It’s really quite special to be back in school and have time away from the daily work grind to focus on my design projects. As I road my bike over to school today, I felt like a college kid again for a moment. That feeling that life has so much to offer you. The freedom, excitement, and happiness that comes with being young.


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