Typeface Tuesdays: A letter F with flair

This one caught me by surprise. We were at a Father’s Day bbq at my parents’ house. My dad reached to open his card from my younger brother, Paul, and I was pleasantly surprised to see this fancy, handwritten letter ‘f’ on the envelope. Paul is not artsy but he surely has his moments. This ‘f’ has flair and is well executed.

If you break it down you see the form is really a simple construction of two lines, one that is squiggly and one that is straight. It’s not what you would typically find for an uppercase ‘f’ but it reads as an uppercase letter because of the scale. The kerning between the ‘f’ and ‘a’ feels comfortable, maybe even a tad generous. The rest of the lettering is his usual handwriting.

He’s clearly still trying to mimic his big sister’s ways and have his hand in some design…


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