Colorful CD cover design for French house dj

Check it out! Or should I say, Ici c’est. Another design from yours truly…moi. This design was really fun and came together pretty well if I say so myself. I’m proud, and I must say it feels nice to show off a little.

So, the background deets….this project involved finding a musical artist on a free music site called Jamendo. After looking around a bit, I landed on DJ BertyCox, a French house/electronic DJ. The album I picked, the Signal, is really energetic and makes you want to dance like your in a Miami night club or even better Europe. Through my design I tried to evoke this energetic feeling by saturating it with color and shape…pure, beautiful madness. And, as you can see there is barely any white space left. I just kept building upon the design; the more the better was the motto here.

All of the designs and type treatments are original illustrations that were inspired by Keith Harring, a CD cover for David Guetta, a dress pattern by DVF, and sketchnote artists I follow. The inside booklet did not consist of anything other than art because, well, there are no lyrics in DJ BeryCox’s music.

HUGE DISCLAIMER: I never double-checked the French so pardon moi if lots some of the grammar and word choices are off. I will certainly fix this for my final portfolio.

Oh, and if you’re interested in hearing DJ BertyCox’s jams, go here. While we’re on the topic, some other house-y music I’m enjoying at the moment from Fool’s Gold Records. A wanna be club-kid at heart.



3 thoughts on “Colorful CD cover design for French house dj

  1. Billie says:

    I love this! Great job, AM!

  2. carrie says:

    WOW! That is awesome! Love the color choices!

  3. […] speaks to my own….colorful, lots of retro patterns, hand drawn, and even a little edgy. Hence my BertyCox CD design I posted a few months back. She clearly spends many hours perfecting her designs by hand and then […]

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