Photoshop adventures: retouching, masking, filter effects

Right now we’re in Photoshop class, learning all the wonders of this veryyyyyy complex program (e.g. it feels like there’s 5 different ways to do anything!). It’s daunting but so great once you get the hang of it. The real trick is to constantly practice. You have to learn the language and techniques of the program. Equally important, as my professor Tash pointed out, is to study how images look in real life, like how the sun hits an object to make a shadow, the way water reflects images, proportion and scale of objects, people’s skin and hair, and so on. The more you train your eye, the better you get at making your Photoshop work look realistic.

During one of our exercises we were given an image of a woman probably in her fifties and tasked to get rid of her wrinkles. I took this challenge on to the max. Check out the BEFORE and AFTER.

Original image

After I got my hands on it she looks 20 years younger!

Then I played around some more and took things a little too far. Thinner neck, chiseled jawline, bigger lips and eyes, raised eye brows, more narrow nose, and even smaller earlobes. Ekkkkk, Hello Barbie! Or should I say cast member of Real Housewives? A word to the wise… a little Liquify (tool under Filter effects) goes a long way. But at the same time I kind of think she looks pretty — isn’t it sad that our culture and media makes us think this is the definition of beauty?


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