Typeface Tuesdays: The Wonderous Jessica Hische


ow-weeee! Jessica Hische is super talented. She is well-known for her badass lettering and graphic design skills, and the crazy thing is she graduated college in 2006 (same year as yours truly). She’s so devoted to typography that she even has a tattoo on her left under arm that says “Type” which was clearly illustrated by her.

I’m impressed by how she’s promoted herself via her Twitter persona/other social media outlets and through her plethora of side projects. When does this girl sleep, for realz? Among the side projects she started the Daily Drop Cap to, as she so poetically put it, “beautify the Internet.” How nice of her. Basically, my understanding is that she has commissioned other designers to develop a letter each, ultimately comprising multiple alphabets. As you can see, I snagged one of the letters for this blog entry. Thanks, Jessica, you are a cool lady for sharing.

She has many great designs, but for this Typeface Tuesday I’m going to feature one of her book cover designs (here is the full series). Her lettering for this book cover is whimsical and feminine, and is a good reflection of her style. Wanna learn more about her? YES YOU DO. So, check out this article and video.

Happy Tuesday evening everyone!


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