I ran because my friends ran, and then I started to love it

There are a number of wonderful topics floating around in my head, but before I get to those I must address this…. I ran my FIRST HALF MARATHON this past weekend. That’s 13.2 miles people. I can hardly believe it.

A funny thing happened when I entered my twenties. Many of my friends became or were already runners. It seemed it was the sport of choice by us twenty-somethings. I am an up-for-anything type of gal, so I thought “why not give it a shot” and I ran too. Little did I know how it would evolve.

Before I knew it I was doing road races which required putting together running plans and consistently (not always) training. The races started to rack up (~12), and with every few races I would push myself to go a farther distance. Suddenly, I was running distances I never imagined. I ran because I loved how it made my mind and body feel. I loved the challenge of it. I love setting goals and exceeding them.

But then something else happened. My hips started to HURT. Ouch. I realized that as much as I love running I also hate it. It hate that is makes my joints ache and gives me blisters. I hate that it’s such a mental challenge. Most of all, I hate how much time is required to train. Who has that kind of time? I just don’t do these days, especially being in school.

So with this race, the North Face Endurance Challenge, I decided to make it my last for a while. Yes, I’m taking a running hiatus of sorts. I wanted to end on a high note and before I started to really hate running. The endurance challenge was absolutely amazing. It was exhilarating, fun, and challenging. You see, this was a trail run in Algonkian Regional Park, so we ran through narrow dirt trails, up mountains, and through a stream. I couldn’t have done this without my running buddy, Claire, who kept me motivated throughout the race.

Also, I have to talk shop for a minute. I love the North Face brand and have since I was a teen. Their gear is great and so durable. They have a great tagline too, which I consider one of my own personal mantras — “Never stop exploring.” Their logo for Endurance Challenge is not my favorite, however, because the E and C look forced. They did screen print our race shirts with a cool custom DC design displaying our race time — a nice touch.


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