Typeface Tuesdays: Leather Letters

I love Tuesdays these days.

I found this typeface hanging on the wall at my local cobbler (Duke’s Shoes) – of all places. This was my first visit to this particular cobbler, and on first glance I was delighted a wonderfully unexpected way. 

It’s hard to tell from the picture but it’s pretty large — approximately 36inches by 24inches. I believe it’s made of strips of leather wrapped in an almost psychedelic pattern, which is perfect because Duke is a man who handles leather most days. The leather’s surface is a little worn in some places, while the forms are flowy — which nicely portrays Duke’s brand, as far as I know it from our first meeting. Something tells me he’s probably been in this business for his entire life and it’s a labor of love at this point in his career. With all the big businesses out there it’s nice to know the man behind the name, and it’s also important to support our local economy. What’s amusing  is when I went to pick up my shoes he had forgotten to re-sole them, and we both just smiled and laughed (I said “no big deal” and he kept saying “tomorrow, tomorrow”) — another definition of his flowy approach.

I find his style, the shop, and his wall decorations a truly charming combination.


One thought on “Typeface Tuesdays: Leather Letters

  1. schwa says:

    You actually made it into Dukes?! After living a block away for 4+ years I have only seen this store opened once. I always assumed it was a front.

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