Even Coach has a sketchnote style

While working on a fictitious perfume advertising campaign for a group project, I found myself at Sephora doing some heavy “research.” This is the best research a girl could ask for!

Anyways, while perusing the perfume section of the store, I stumbled upon one of Coach’s Poppy perfume packaging design which I really like. Actually not the bottle (it’s sort of boring) but instead the box it comes in. Granted it’s not an earth-shattering design, I enjoy the whimsical, handwritten typeface which is laid out in simply but is still dynamic. I’m not sure if Coach actually had a designer who hand illustrated this. If not, I think it’s a fairly solid attempt at making it appear that way. Plus, I love  the color red – it’s firy and inviting. Sadly, I didn’t find the scent particularly memorable.

One of their Poppy magazine ads which also caught my eye…



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