Only spot in town with cupcakes that are worth waiting for, plus there’s art

I don’t get the whole wait-in-a-line, dish-out-mulah cupcake obsession. I’m fascinated by others’ fascination. Cupcakes have been around since Betty Crocker hit the streets under General Mills in the 1920s, so what’s all the hoopla over these designer cupcakes stores that have cropped up every where I look? And, why do people have enough free time to stand around to wait for them? Come on, people… open your web browser, google a Martha Stewart cupcakes recipe, and get your bake on. SPEND YOUR TIME CREATING SOMETHING.

Don’t get me wrong, I have indulged my sweet tooth at Georgetown Cupcake once or twice, but the more others obsessed the more I was over it. Popularity killed my buzz, it not longer felt special. In terms of my sweet tooth, I heart cupcakes and desserts as much (maybe more) as the next person and I’ve been known for my chocolate binges. So like any sugar fiend I want to know I can get my fix without whipping up a big batch (last time I did this I had red velvet cupcakes for a week, and extra frosting that ended up anything smear-worthy).

So, if you’re going to buy them I have two words for you. BAKED and WIRED. Okay, that’s three. Uhhhmazing.

This bakery/coffee joint has a chill space with generally good music and an art display from local artists (it rotates). Baked and Wired doesn’t orbit around cupcakes, and has so many other handcrafted delights…biscottis, cookies, zucchini bread, HIPPIE CRACK granola (OMMMGGG), delicious coffee, teas, and juices. This place is so unique even their cupcakes have a fun shape. Plus, all the treats have handcrafted signs with attractive, amusing graphics and interesting type.

Inevitably, there can be a line on the weekends but if you try earlier or later in the day it shouldn’t be bad.


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