Drum roll, please… my first design project

It’s time for me to show off my mad design skills, and put my work out there. I am proud of how well my first school project came together, and I learned MUCHO along the way both on the computer and by using my hand.

The assignment was to create a design that promotes black history month. My idea was to bring awareness to the power of music by looking at how it created social justice for blacks in America, ultimately influencing the civil rights movement. More specifically, this includes the music greats of the 1930s jazz scene who took the U street neighborhood by storm. Based on my research, I loved the concept that Duke Ellington and his counterparts were looked at and appreciated for their music…”music that crept into the hearts of black and whites alike.”

My fictitious campaign was sponsored by the DC Arts District (DCAD) which encompasses DC’s Shaw, Logan Circle, and U Street Corridor neighborhoods.  The idea started as a street lamp post banner and then I turned it into a T-shirt design. Ultimately, I want to apply my design to more elements throughout the city, such as buses, bus stops, and flyers posted on the walls of local businesses around town.

Aesthetically, I was inspired by the designer Saul Bass’s hand cut letters, as well as the bright jewel-toned colors found in one of his designs (below) and on fashion runways. The illustrations are originals and the header text is also done by hand (see below for process images.) As a final touch I included the DCAD log and tagline of “It’s more the than art.”

Enjoy and by all means make a comment!


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