Happy birthday big bro

I have to say a few words in honor of my older brother, Abe, on his birthday (sadly this posted past midnight so technically the day after). This is a big number for him — not going to reveal it even though I really want to! — so I have to give him a proper shout out.

I have always looked up to Abe. As a kid I wanted to do everything he did and I couldn’t stand a moment without him, to the point where I tried following him to the bathroom (when I was four, mind you). Besides thinking he knew anything about everything, I particularly admired Abe for his artistic inclinations and the way in which he easily sees beauty in the world.

For as long as I can remember he always created and appreciated art (Asian for the most part). In his teens he loved to build intricate car and building dioramas, and I’ll never ever forget the sleigh ornament he made out of mere popsicle sticks for a Christmas back in the 80s. It still hangs on the family tree to this day and it’s not one of those crappy creations parents feel obliged to love — it’s actually quality craftsmanship.

Naturally, he went on to study architecture at the renown Copper Union, followed by many years in the field. When Abe moved toward the business side of architecture, he continued his love for photography. As a Photoshop ninja, he’s produced some amazing photographs, which he’s given as gifts to the family over the years. He’s always pushed me to keep up with my love for art and design.

I really wanted to share some of his photography with you. The best I could do is this photo taken at sunset in late November 2009 at my aunt’s home in Milbrook, NY.


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