The ying and yang of yellow and grey, and Izzy does it again!

This past weekend I attended the awesome wedding of Carrie and Scott in Annapolis. Beautiful location and very happy, loving bride and groom. I had heard that the wedding colors were yellow and grey, which in my mind I couldn’t quite picture. I think it’s that yellow often scares me because it can easily be too loud and is easily misused (yellow text pretty much gives me the hebbie gebbies). Meanwhile, grey seems, well, kind of boring… reminds of DC’s government agency and law firm scene.

Well, was I WRONG and I’m happy to admit it. The shades of yellow and grey used in this wedding were a divine combo, a nice ying and yang between playful and sophisticated. Bravo. Color matching can be soooo hard, that’s what I rely on tools like Color Lovers and other color matching books. I also pull ideas from things I see in fashion and interior design.

Exhibit  A – the cake

Exhibit B – the bridesmaid’s look

If you want to know more behind the genius of this pairing, check out Carrie’s fun loving blog Where It’s Always the Weekend, which chronicles her wonderful take on life and all things rad.


In other news, I saw my mom (Izzy for short) today for lunch. She’s always hitting it out of the park with her style and I just can’t help but talk about it. She’s the kind of lady we all admire so we might as well gush. Her style is so chic and fashionable without being too predictable. Hence, today where she had a great warm brown knee-length dress with a playful knot at the waist, brown and white heels, and a white leather purse. The heels were such a nice touch and really pulled the look together. She could have just worn black heels like the rest of us, but NO she had to be soooo fabulous I can barely stand it. (I almost e-mailed her before lunch to say “wear something cute so I can talk about it” but I came to my senses and realized it was inevitable).

She also showed off her new Cartier love bracelet in gold, which my dad gave her for their 30th wedding anniversary. MAJOR KUDOS, Dad. Like the spoiled brat I was in a former life I coveted this bracelet all throughout college, somewhat silly I know. Apparently, when he gave it to her he explained it was the same gift that Richard Burton gave Liz Taylor and Cary Grant gave Dyan Cannon. OMG, so romantic. It’s a symbol of love that has been shared for many decades. I’m not saying you have to shell out money to show someone you love them. What I’m saying is the Cartier brand has become so much more than just expensive jewelry. It’s a brand based on tradition and quality and timelessness and love. If I’m not mistaken Cartier was started by a French watch maker, whose story I’m intrigued to learn more about.


Between her Cartier and impeccable eye for style, Izzy is straight ballin’. Just hoping the rest of us can keep up!


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