Applause for Typeface Tuesdays

Dude, it dawned on me last night…I adore type, I have lots of great pictures of fun ones I spy on all my adventures (aka my everyday life)…why not feature them in my blog on a weekly basis? And with that, my friends, brings you….Typeface Tuesdays! I thought of calling it Font Fridays, but technically speaking in typography, the wonderful art of arranging type, a font is a style within a typeface, a set of one or more fonts (you may have heard the term font family). Fonts got big when the computer was introduced. Interesting, now people use the words type/typeface and font interchangeably although I’m sure true typographers would not approve!

So, I had to begin with a real winner…A fun, playful, organic typeface, made of wood and painted by the bare hands of John who holds it with pride. Plus, with this typeface you get a bonus – two bald men in seersucker looking affectionately at each other. This type deserves a big APPLAUSE.


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