Fashionable friday and my love for blogging

It’s getting to the point where I am obsessed with blogging. It’s just so much fun, especially since I already love to write and I, naturally, have a lot to say. If only there were enough time to cover everything.

I think about my blog all the time, making lists about upcoming posts, and agonizing in a good way over the images and words I will use. This is real love. I knew this was the case when I met up with my friend Allie for a shopping date on Friday. We were catching up and suddenly I interjected (bad habit!) to say “You look fabulous, I need pictures of you for my blog.” She gladly complied. I realized that I not only love art and graphic design, but also fashion and interior design.  

So, check out Allie below. She’s by far one of the most fashionable nurses in DC. I am digging the pattern of her dress from J.McLaughlin, which is not a place I would shop.  Her accessories… Kate Spade bag, Tory Burch ballet flats, and matching belt… worked perfectly together. She even has nicely manicured nails, damn girl.

The pattern of her dress reminds me of the pattern of a chair I recently got reupholstered. I found this pattern in one of my favorite magazines of all time – DOMINO – which very sadly stopped publishing a few year ago. To supplement this, I found a blog last year about interior design that I also adore called LA DOLCE VITA, which is created by a very stylish girl named Paloma who lives in Cali. Her blog is one of the first that got me really excited about the blogosphere.

So speaking of fashion, I took a peek at the recent People Magazine – Style Issue. Looks like scarves are in which is great because they are one of my favorite fashion addictions. It’s the perfect accessory for pretty much an outfit and it feels so cozy wearing them (although not in the middle of summer). I’ve got to say I’ve got quite the collection started. So, on our shopping date at Bloomies I picked up this gem. Great pattern, color, and price ($60).

I’m also digging H&M and Forever 21 these days. I mean who can pass up cute, affordable finds particularly during the warm weather seasons. I love this H&M red pattern dress I spotted in another magazine. I also just bought these funky sunglasses for about $6 bucks from Forever 21. Amazing. I don’t think it’s worth spending oodles of mulah on sunglasses. There is too much wear and tear, and it’s easy to misplace them, a big pet peeve of mine. I can’t even begin to tell you the glasses I’ve lost over the years…rose-clored lens Chanels, red aviator Marc Jacobs, etc.

What you’re going to find is that similar patterns and colors will show up in my design work.


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