This beer is the bomb, literally

Last Saturday we went to Raouls, a delicious and lively French bistro in Soho (their grilled octopus appetizer is to die for). While waiting for our table we made our way to the end of the bar for a bevy, and that’s where I laid my eyes on it. A beautifully adorned beer can. The green, red, and black pattern stared back at me. “What is that?” I said with excitement and curiosity to the guy sitting at the bar. Before I knew it he was offering us a sip which Tom accepted but I declined (not because of germs, just because I was in a vino mindset).  The lady sitting next to this generous beer-drinker chimed in, explaining her husband started a beer company named Bomb Lager which commissions a rotation of artists to “dress” their cans.

According to Tom it was tasty. And, according to me it was beautiful and simply a brilliant idea. What an unbeatable combo. Why don’t more beer companies have art on their cans? Why don’t more companies across industries incorporate art into their business model? It made me think art should more often be celebrated through unexpected channels like this.

I dig the Aztec-esque art featured on this can. Besides that I think the Bomb Lager logo is neat. The type treatment is spot on for what the brand stands for – being itself and not conforming. The Bomb Lager website states the brand’s style is: “Bomb Lager expresses itself unapologetically. Our hope is that it inspires our drinkers to do the same.”

Well said, AMEN.


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