Art and the city

I spent the weekend with my boyfriend, Tom, in New York City. We went for kicks, an excuse to escape DC for a few days before it gets too hot to enjoy. Per usual, there was an art component…visits to the Guggenheim and the Met. What’s interesting about a city like New York is no matter what you do there is always something to be amused by, just walk down the street or ride the Subway. It can be a visual overload between the advertising, buildings, the store front displays, and all the millions of people. I’ve visited the city a few times a year since I was a kid to see my mom’s family, visit my older brother, and/or just to kick it with friends and have a good time. Every time I go I have a completely new experience, and that’s what I love about NYC as this trip was no different.

Enroute to the Guggenheim Tom snapped this picture of me in front of a sign for the Copper-Hewitt exhibit on Sonia Delaunay, a French artist who has a strong use of color and geometric shapes. We didn’t have time to check it out but based on this design in the ad, I know I’d enjoy her work. At the Guggenheim (the white cylinder-shaped white building) we saw an exhibit called The Great Upheaval which showcased great modern artists overtime. We also checked out some of the permanent collection (Kandinsky during his Bauhaus days, Impressionists, etc.) along the way. I came away from our time there with three new favorites: Blue Mountain by Kandinsky; La Repasseuse by Picasso (blue period); and La Tour Rouge by Delaunay. It crazy how I’ve seen all of these arts before many times but that relationship builds as you see more of their work over time and your perspective/taste change as a person. Also, so many of them have such huge collections it’s impossible to know it.

The museum has also started a series called Intervals, experimental art by Futurefarmers which museum-goers can participate in. We weren’t able to do it but I wanted to share it because it’s a super cool way to make type….by walking! Rightfully named Pedestrain Print, this series involves participants wearing clogs with letters carved on the bottom dipped in ink. Everyone walks across a scroll of paper to print transcripts from various poets, I believe.

After lunch we were off to the Met, one of my favorites. Unfortunately it was packed but we still got to see some great Egyptian, Asian, and Medieval art. Scroll your mouse over each image to get a description.

In addition to the real art, at the Met cafe we saw a very ordinary looking guy sporting a mesh top, tight black pants, and bright yellow stilettos with blue nail polish. Not so ordinary afterall. All I could think is “that’s New York for you/where did he get his nail polish from!?” That moment perfectly symbolizes how in NYC, art (“self expression”) is everywhere in all shapes and forms – whether you like or not. I happen to love it.


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