Well done, Zara

I popped into Zara, the kick butt Spanish clothing retailer, last week as an after work refuge. I walked into the store and I quickly fell in love with everything they have designed for this season. This may sound strange but I was overcome by this feeling of excitement and I felt the clothes spoke to me. Instead of buying anything I just took it all in and just let myself feel happily inspired.

The colors were sick. Lots of jewel tones and bright colors mixed with more muted and nude tones. There were some funky floral patterns, geometric patterns, and lots of stripes. There were different materials – cotton, satin-like, denim, some lace accents. It seriously made me think of the style I’ve seen on Spanish women when I’ve traveled to Barcelona. Oh, how I miss Europe and crave a glass of sangria by the sea with some Cafe del Mar tunes and my best girlfriend, Billie.


One thought on “Well done, Zara

  1. carrie says:

    I too am a MASSIVE Zara fan!

    but I’ll trade ya Barcelona for Sevilla with a jug of sangria. 🙂

    Great Blog!

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