My mom… a great lady and one of my visual inspirations

In honor of yesterday having been Mother’s Day, I am going to showcase my mom, Isabel, who is by far one of my biggest visual inspirations. My mom is by no means an artist (she’s a lobbyist in DC in fact) but her naturally great style shows in the clothes and shoes she wears, and the ways in which shes decorates the house. My mom loves color and fun patterns and she even sometimes makes some daring choices particularly with color and textures, which in a business town like DC sets her apart as not only a smart cookie but also a true fashionista.

Some of her favorite fashion designers over the years include DVF, Nanette Lapore, Pucci, Chanel, Trina Turk, Kate Spade, Tods, Jimmy Choo, David Yurman, and Gas Bijoux. She likes labels but doesn’t like to be showy about it so she doesn’t go for those types of designers (LV, Coach). With that said, she doesn’t just wear designer clothes…she loves finding little boutiques and no name brands, and although it may seem like she’s a color fanatic, being from New York City she certainly knows how to sport black. Having grown up with her, my aesthetic has been greatly influenced by her style choices. I, too, gravitate toward fun color combos and strive to make a statement…something that is seen in my art & design.

In this pic Isabel is, all smiles, enjoying Mother’s Day. She is wearing one of her favorite DVF wrap dresses, which are infamous for their funky patterns and lovely shape on the female bod.

Below are some shoes my mom has worn in the past. I love the floral-esque patterns and fun colors. Whoever thinks shoes should just be a solid dark color has a thing or two to learn from Isabel!

A few more examples of her fashion sense… a pic of her with my dad in a wonderful black, white, and red dress. I love the color combo and its asymmetrical shape when worn. And, lastly, her famous coat she got a boutique nearly a decade ago. She pulls it off like not many women could and to this day she gets compliments on it.

In terms of decorating the house, the patterns and colors just keep coming! The choices she makes, with the help of an interior designer, unexpectedly work well together.  Much of the furniture is 18th century French which has been passed down in our family, and my mother has given it new life with punchy colors.


3 thoughts on “My mom… a great lady and one of my visual inspirations

  1. aoflinn says:

    Izzie and I go way back and she continues to inspire women today!

  2. Holliver says:

    What a lovely post!

  3. bex'n'fx says:

    obsessed with isabel! obsessed with this post! what a great tribute to a great lady!!

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