Splashy ad campaign at DC metro stop

I stumbled upon an interesting ad campaign while on the metro. As I looked out the window of the  metro car the bright colors at the Pentagon metro stop caught my eye, and I was so intrigued that I decided to go back and investigate. At the metro stop the campaign by Palantir, a company that analyzes information for government and finance organizations, had plastered their campaign throughout the entire metro station. Each ad had a simple color palette of 2-3 colors, mostly analogous. The designs were simple and uplifting either with words or images, and in some cases both. I dig it overall because I think it’s well designed and I enjoy that it’s different from what you’d typically see from a technology company in DC. It makes me think of possibility and adventure. So, I don’t know enough about Palantir to say they hit the nail on the head with their campaign messaging — however, I do know I like their aesthetic and have them to thank for making my commute just a little brighter.

Take a look…




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